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41-902 Bytom, ul. Żeromskiego 26, tel/fax: +48 32 2813841, sekretariat@zsgh.bytom.pl

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About Bytom

Bytom is located in the Upper Silesia in Silesian region. The history of Bytom reaches back as far as to the 11th century when the King Bolesław Œmiały built a castle on Małgorzata Hill. In the mid 13th century Bytom gained town priviliges - a document signed by Prince Władysław of the Piasts in 1254. Thanks to natural sources, such as ore and coal, Bytom developed and its inhabitants gained wealth. There have remained many a sign of the past prosperity and coexistence of different cultures.

About the school

Gastronomy-Hotel Industry Vocational Schools

41-902 Bytom
ul. Żeromskiego 26
tel./fax.: (+48)32 2813841
              (+48)32 2810487
email: sekretariat@zsgh.bytom.pl

The Head Teacher   mgr Witold Sbirenda
mgr Witold Sbirenda
Deputy Head Teacher   mgr inż. Beata Ochmańczyk

Vocational Manager   mgr inż. Renata Kyrcz
Deputy Vocational Manager   mgr Katarzyna Drabik
mgr Katarzyna Drabik
School Counsellor   mgr Małgorzata Simon
 mgr Małgorzata Simon

Gastronomy-Hotel Industry School was founded in 1945. The first Head Teacher of the school was Michal Utecki. At present the school is attended by 600 students aged 15 to 20.
The teaching staff are well educated and prepared professionals. The school is divided into 24 units; it has well equipped vocational classrooms, general subjects classrooms (chemistry, physics, languages, computer laboratories)
Our students not only gain knowledge and develop their skills, but also learn how to cooperate in an effective and friendly manner. They study two foreign languages - German and English. Moreover, professional languages are taught as a separate subject.
Our school offers a vast variety of extra-curricular classes which fulfill the students needs and interests such as economy, politics, European integration, foreign languages, culture: film, music, dancing. Our students present the effects of their extra-curricular activities organizing different events at school as well as representing the school in the city.

School profiles:

Technikum nr 1
  • hotel industry technician,
  • tourism services technician,
  • food and culinary services technician;
  • with Matura and vocational exam on graduating.
Branzowa Szkola I stopnia nr 1
  • chef,
  • confectioner;
    Three year vocational course with a vocational exam on graduating.
Vocational internships in Poland
The students, depending on their Professional profile, take part in vocational internships in respected restaurants and hotels in Poland - also in fashionable resorts both in the mountains (Wisla, Ustroń, Szczyrk) and at the seaside in Jurata.

Vocational internships in Germany
Since 1996 our students have had an opportunity to participate in three-months long internship in hotels and restaurants in all the German lands. The students earn €300 a month - the travel costs, food and accommodation is paid by the employers. At the end of the internship our students are assessed by the employer and great majority receive excellent marks. They are trained theoretically and practically and after passing the exams they receive proper certificates. Many students, after finishing internships in Germany, receive a permit to live and work there. They work as managers, waiters and chefs in German hotels and restaurants. Many a time they start university courses in Brem and Tier.

Extra-curricular internships in Greece
In 2009 there has been an agreement made between our school and Greek employers. In the summer 2009 9 students participated in internships on Greek islands.

International Project
Our school is a host to European Club which, among other, facilitates many projects co-supported by the EU::
  1. Life-long learning (Comenius)
    Project: My own small bussiness - hotel on boarding house (2008-2010)
    Partners: Denmark, Portugal, Turkey
  2. Life-long learning (Leonardo da Vinci)
    Project: Training makes perfect (2009)
    Partner: Denmark
  3. Youth in Action
    Project: Show me, what you eat and I tell you, who you are (2008-2009)
    Partner: Turkey
In 2008/2009 school year 25 students with 4 teachers went to European Parliament in Strasbourg. What is more, our teachers take part in many courses, workshops and seminars abroad. We organize International Catering-Hospitality Workshops every year, with many international students invited. During the workshops the students have an opportunity to observe and work with plenty of world-widely known professionals.

Cooperation with universities and colleges
Our school cooperates with:
  • Upper Silesian Trade College in Katowice
  • Humanistic-Economic College in ŁódŸ
Students' achievements

Our students are successful in many fields (scholar, carrier, art.) The school provides them with vast possibilities of development. Our mission is to prepare our students to choose their carrier paths, to make them a valuable asset to employers both in Polish and European market and, above all, to make them people conscious of their vast possibilities.


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